The largest number of young people as the main source of information using the Internet, then television, and, finally, a daily newspaper, with only eight percent, showed the results of the survey “Young people and new media.”
829B1418-04A3-0C7F-BCACD2E7D1BA0FB1When it comes to social networks, users are increasingly accessing them with a smart phone, which is now used almost more than half of the population we are talking about an increase that is breaking the new ground from day to day. Respondents still mostly use Facebook, 66 percent of them, while profile Twitter has 10 percent of Internet users, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos Marketing Strategic, and sponsored by the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC), the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Open Society Foundation and Media House.

When it issue of youth activism on the Internet, but also offline, they are most active in humanitarian issues and topics that are related to human rights and local communities. Experts say that in involving citizens in an action key word – trust. A positive example is the law on free access to information of public importance; they added that when people get positive feedback, it is increasingly used.

1750842That’s why I’m always for official online tools on which we can work in cooperation with the state. Civil society representatives think that it was up to them to encourage youth to be more active. I think that that there a lot organizations that are working on getting information on the internet through their projects. “The role of all of them should be such as to include young people who are not interested in it. They’ve managed it through their campaign and now they do it through others activities in their work being aware that the Internet and social networks are just a continuation of the whole process, an additional tool.
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If you are movie fun you can find everything on YouTube. There are so many good trailers that will help you to decide whether you are going to watch one movie or not.
Watching videos on YouTube will now look even more realistic.
The most popular site for watching videos on the Internet YouTube now has undergone a huge change. The viewing video clips will now look much more natural and “smoother” because this site facilitates the release of the contents of the 60 frames per second (fps).

So far, 60 fps could be seen on special pistons, such as movie trailers, but now this giant will allow us that option enabled for ordinary users. To make video clips seemed natural they should be looking at a resolution of 720 or 1080 pixels. For now, Chrome and Safari 8 give a great support to this feature, but the results are mixed when it comes to web browsers on mobile devices.

Once you release a video that supports playback of 60 fps, the difference is huge. There are a number of situations in which a higher frame rate will come to the fore.

The importance of this site proves the fact a lot of big companies (such as started to pay a lot of commercials that would be released on it.